Rafting & Kayaking

Whitewater Rafting

Our friends at Methow Rafting offer whitewater trips, beautiful and relaxing scenic trips, and tubing as the water level goes down towards the end of the summer.

Their scenic floats (Rafting, Kayaking and Tubing) are in Winthrop.

Their whitewater trips (Rafting and Kayaking) happen down valley close to the town of Methow. They meet customers for those in Methow, (specific details are on the website, or on a post booking confirmation email.) It’s roughly a 35 minute drive from Winthrop, or Chelan.

For any guest coming from Chelan, note that the meeting location (as opposed to our office location) for whitewater trips is down in the town of Methow, roughly 35 minutes from Chelan. There is no need for guests to come to Winthrop if they are booking a Black Canyon trip.